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Kick -Out COVID 19 Campaign

KICK OUT Campaign Flyer

Kick -Out COVID 19 Campaign  is a community-based  project initiated by Young Volunteers for the Environment –The Gambia   that seeks to fight against COVID19 through the raising  awareness  on preventive measures,  Production and distribution of  home-made fabric masks ,  water bucket pumps  with disinfectants  and Supporting healthcare workers  and patients at  Psychiatric centres with modified methods for community health and safety .

This campaign will help to provide prevention materials to thousands of  people at the Psychiatric centres and community-based healthcare workers.

The campaign promotes five key steps for people to follow to protect their health in line with WHO guidance, focused on hand washing, coughing etiquette, not touching your face, physical distance and staying home if feeling unwell.

COIVD19 is global pandemic and spreading at speed. If the infection reaches to underprivileged communities and mentally sick people, we can only imagine the crisis as wildfire. The campaign will organize community-based support for protecting grassroots communities in The Gambia against COVID19 because these communities and psychiatric centres are vulnerable and can amplify the pandemic.

Young Volunteers for the Environment –The Gambia is committed to continuing to provide essential services to our local communities, with modified methods for community health and safety.



On Monday 9th march 2020, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between Young Volunteers for the Environment (YVE)-Gambia and National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA).


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The purpose of the MOU is to establish and promote a strategic cooperative partnership between NDMA and YVE-Gambia. The role of NDMA is to coordinate resources towards efficient and effective disaster prevention, preparedness, mitigation and response in the Gambia. While YVE-Gambia advocates for environmental sustainability in all scope through working with concern stakeholders, communities, schools, CSOs, and Young people to promote joint work in realizing a sustainable future. YVE works to compliments the efforts of the government towards sustainable and just national growth through trainings, seminars, forums, research, campaigns, education and other awareness raising platforms.

This MOU sets out the basis on which the parties shall negotiate in good faith in order to identify a project or projects, such as but not necessarily limited to those contained in this section, with the aim of concluding a formal contractual agreement or agreements relating to such identified areas of possible collaboration.

In conclusion, Joe Bongay the Executive Director of YVE-Gambia briefly explain the role of YVE and the activities they embark on.


Photo credited:ndma/np/09032020

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The Unit of Networking & Partnership




YVE- The Gambia Conducted a Capacity Building Training On ATLASSIAN Software Applications Tool


On the 7th march 2020, Young Volunteers for the Environment YVE-Gambia Conducted a Capacity Building Training on ATLASSIAN software tool, which is mend for monitoring staff work and management. The software tools is designed by ATLASSIAN, mainly aimed in strengthening team management and work of YVE staff.IMG-20200307-WA0042

Gambian Amadou Barry was the facilitator of the training. He was once a volunteer in YVE, who has done tremendously well for the. Organization.

The training was centered on the following areas of the software; Jira, Confluence and Slack. The objectives of the training was to promote work timeline, promote teamwork (team management), and to ensure efficiency and to monitor the performance of staff. The training was efficient because participants were able to learned new skills that will benefit them in their future career.


Today’s exercise and training had help the organization realized how to better sustain growth and increase impacts to our intervention areas and system of operations. In YVE, we work to maintain the flexibility of our operations while promoting management transparency in all sectors of our work. These endeavors have been supported by the efficient of our governance system that clearly defines and reinforced the supervision functions of the management system while ensuring that, the organization is responsive to the expectation of community development needs toward sustainable development for all.

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The department of Networking & Partnership team                                                    


YVE Renewing the existing partnership with Brikama Area Council (BAC)

On the 6th March 2020, YVE-Gambia received delegates from Brikama Area Council (BAC) which comprise of the Modou Jonga the CEO of Brikama Area Council, and Lamin Singhateh the IPRO of Brikama Area Council. The meeting was attended by Joe Bongay the Executive Director of YVE, Amie Ndow programs Coordinator, Amadou Sowe Networking and Partnership officer among others. The meeting kick started with an opening prayers, followed by an individual introduction.

photo credited: yve/np/06032020

The objectives of the meeting was Renewing the co-existing partnership with the Council (BAC). The CEO of the council, Mr. Jonga heighted the continues commitment of YVE on environmental related issues since their initiation at KMC. He affirmed the gathering that, the council is fully ready to work with YVE in how to engage the TAG and in addressing waste management, water and sanitation hygiene and environmental related issues.  He went further to tell us about the five years strategies development plan of the council which included waste management, water sanitation & hygiene and the environment.

During the meeting, a followed up question was raised by the executive Director of YVE “if chemicals management has been captured on the council strategies plan and the answer was no, he then further emphasis on the needs to captured this issues because this will help the status of the council over other council in the country. In conclusion, both parties showed commitment in the fulfilment of the MoU, and willingness to work together.

Photo credited: yve/np/06032020

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The Unit of Networking & Partnership Department.




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On March 2nd 2020, Young Volunteers for the Environment (YVE-Gambia) received delegate from Brikama Area Council (BAC). The main objectives of the meeting was to familiarize , discuss pressing environmental related issues of the region and revitalize the partnership between YVE and BAC. Mr. Jadama, the head of Health and Sanitation Services, Brikama Area Council (BAC) express how willing his institution is to work with YVE. During his discussions, he highlighted certain areas that the council will want to work with YVE and this include but not limited to advocacy, waste management, cleaning exercise and also bolster the quest for a better and safe environment for west coast region. He also highlighted the significance of sensitization thereby raising awareness on environmental related issues such as waste management, cleaning exercise among others.

He went further to tell the gathering what his council is doing towards waste management, some of the difficulties they are going through, and why YVE is needed by his council for partnership. According to him, YVE have been key partner in the previous years and doing very well with the council,  they will want that working relationship to continue between YVE and the council working towards clean , healthy and sustainable West Coast Region. He also went further to say, volunteerism is the corner stone of every society and they will try to work cooperatively with YVE to make West Coast Region the best in terms of environment, health and sanitation. Both parties agreed to  meet in the upcoming week to further discuss on the possible conditions of their joint MOU partnership , come up with clear strategies for community and Youth engagement and roadmap that will guide their joint action programmes . 

Joe Bongay, the executive Director of Young Volunteers for the Environment YVE-Gambia echoed his sincerely thanks and appreciation to the council’s timely partnership call which is in line with he’s organization’s focus area of intervention among others . He  concluded by reassuring the council of its organization’s commitment and support to continue working with them in towards achieving a safe , sound and healthy environment .

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Networking and Partnership



YVE Gambia Participates at IPEN’s 2020 Global Meeting and Forum on Chemicals & Waste

We delighted to announce that our Executive Director -Joe Bongay will be speaking at the IPEN ANGLOPHONE AFRICA REGIONAL MEETING from the 4 – 5 FEB in BISHOFTU, ETHIOPIA . He will be sharing his knowledge , best practices  and contribute to the  strategies on regional POs priorities for sound management chemicals towards toxic-free future in the Anglophone Africa (AA) Region.

Further more , Joe Bongay will be also participating in the IPEN’s 2020 Global Meeting and Forum on Chemicals & Waste  convene in Ethiopia from the 6th – 10th of February 2020 respectively .  These two events will bring together some of the most influential NGO activists and leading institutions focused on protecting human health and the environment today.

The thematic framework for both the Global Meeting and Forum is structured around the programmatic goals defined in IPEN’s 2020 Global Plan, namely:

  • Reduce and Eliminate the World’s Most Hazardous Chemicals

Stockholm and Basel Conventions

  • Halt the Spread of Toxic Metals

Lead and Mercury

  • Emerging International Chemical Issues, Policies & Strategies

SAICM Beyond 2020 Chemicals/Waste Global Policy Regime, plus  emerging cross-cutting areas for exploration

(Toxics & Fossil Fuels; Fisheries/ Ocean Pollutants; Plastic; Gender Equality)

  • Global Capacity & Movement Building

Skill-sharing, strategic partnerships, outreach and organizational/technical/policy trainings

Key themes to be presented include: International Policy; POPs; EDCs; Mercury; Lead; Waste (toxic recycling, incineration, cement kilns & contaminated sites); Pesticides (Highly Hazardous Pesticides & Agroecology); Toxic Plastics (extraction; petrochemical, production; products; recycling; waste & disposal); Toxic Pollutants & the Fossil Fuel Economy; Ocean Pollutants & Fisheries; and Women & Chemicals.

The  meeting is expected to stimulate rich discussion and cross-cultural interactions among IPEN members and partners that broaden and deepen the collaborative global movement for a toxics-free future.

The IPEN Global Meeting and Forum is expecting the participation of 120 environmental and health leaders; international health and science experts; and government and UN agency representatives from over 60 countries.

These various events is expected to   advance IPEN’s mission of working locally and globally to ensure a just and healthy future for everyone by eliminating harm to human health and the environment from toxic chemicals.

Joe S Bongay is an environmental activist and a trained professional in social & environmental Sector Planning and Management .He leads human rights and environment advocacy agenda, supporting policies and programmes that promotes innovations, environmental sustainability, sustainable economic development and green job creation.

Report by : YVE Gambia Communications Unit