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YVE meeting with the Department of Parks and Wildlife, Abuko Nature Reserve

Photo credit: Amadou Sowe/yve/220819/PARKSANDWHILDLIFEOFFICE/Abuko

On a separate mission on the same 22nd August 2019, representatives from the Young Volunteers for the Environment YVE Gambia further visited the Department of Parks and Wildlife at Abuko Nature Reserve to have a meeting with Mr. Kawsu Jammeh. The main purpose of the meeting was to form a possible partnership network the said institution.

During our arrival in the Nature Reserve, we were received by Mr. Kawsu Jammeh the Environmental and Education officer for Parks and Wildlife. Again, a short introduction of members was made and this was proceeded by a brief introduction of the organization(YVE Gambia) with it goals, mission, visions, objectives and focus areas such as climate change, Culture and Biodiversity, Energy etc. Joe further explained our reason for the visit which was based on establishing a possible partnership network between YVE Parks and Wildlife.

According to Kawsu Jammeh, he was very delighted hearings us talking about Environmental related issues such as climate change Biodiversity,  water sanitation etc. He then went further to introduced himself to us and also told us, their focus area which was mainly about Environmental related issues which YVE is already engage on and for that reason, he said, it will be a great thing to have a partnership network  with us. He advised us to write a partnership request directed to the Director and assured us his support in partnering with them.

He is also told us, he have an organisation called Sahel Wetland and Conservation which he Will want YVE to sign an MoU with.

He concluded by assuring us a possible partnership network between YVE and Parks and Wildlife.

Reported by

Amadou sowe program Assistant Officer YVE Gambia.



YVE Gambia pays a courtesy call to the National Coordinator of GEF

On the 22nd August 2019, the Young
Volunteers for the Environment(YVE Gambia) have a meeting with the National Coordinator of GEF at his office in kotu. The main purpose of the meeting was to familiarize YVE to him, and also to form a possible partnership between GEF and YVE in availing the organization to benefit from the GEF grant and membership.

Upon arriving, the National Coordinator of GEF Kebba Bojang gives YVE a warm welcoming remarks and this was followed by an individual introduction of YVE members. Joe Bongay, the Executive director of Young Volunteers for the Environment make a brief introduction of the organization to him, it’s mission, vision, objectives, focus areas, and how the organisation works. During his discussions, he told the National Coordinator of GEF that, YVE wants to establish a partnership relationship with his institution and will want to work with him in all areas especially went it comes to Environmental related issues such as climate change, Biodiversity Conservation, Energy, Chemicals among others through Advocacy, Research and Development and Policy influencing making.

Kabba Bojang, the National Coordinator of GEF welcome the ideas and thanks YVE members for such actions taken by them. He went further to tell us some of the activities his organization is engaged on such as Environmental related issues like climate change Biodiversity etc. During his discussion, he told us that, one of their objectives is to work with Youths organisation and it will be great to have YVE to become a member of the GEF family.

Joe Bongay the Executive director of YVE Gambia, concluded by thanking the National Coordinator of GEF for availing us the opportunity to have a such discussions with him.20190822_122337

Photo credit: Amadou Sowe/yve/220819/GEFOFFICE/kotu

Both institutions are looking forward to a fruitful working relationship and strengthening the CSO engagement in responding to the intervention areas in the Gambia.

Reported by

Amadou sowe program Assistant Officer YVE Gambia.


YVE Gambia Conducts a Monitoring and Evaluation Exercise on VFL Project 2019 in CRR and URR

Photo Credit : Joe Bongay/yvegambia 

On the 3rd and 4th August , 2019 , YVE Gambia conducted monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)  exercise on its Views from the Frontline (VFL) Project in the Central and Upper Region of The Gambia .  The purpose of their visit was to assess the weakness and  progress made by the designated Partner Organisation (PO) on the VFL project in the aforementioned region .  Upon arrival , YVE had a good welcome remarks by both AVISU  NGO and WASDA NGO  which was followed by an open session of discussion surrounding the project .

Through the open discussion and monitoring process, the POs had the opportunity to share their VFL Project progress report ,the  challenges and possible measures  or solutions to boost up  their progress in the project .

YVE Gambia team comprising of Joe Bongay (Executive Director ) , Ejatou Jaiteh (Programmes Coordinator ) and Amadou Barry (Member National Advisory Committee )  further shared their project findings and perspective of  the current project outlook implementation of the POs in their respective regions with recommendations and evaluation report shared with the POs.

Despite the challenges faced by POs in the field ranging from mobility , fast internet availability, mobilization of community members  among others, successful data were collected and are uploading progressively . The  recommendations and possible solutions shared by YVE team  would help the POs in their effort  to accomplish their expected task or set of  goals  in line with the project  .  YVE will further its M& E exercise in other regions in the up coming days .

Young Volunteers for the Environment (YVE) Gambia serves as the National Coordinating Organisation for the Views from the Frontline (VFL)Project 2019 in The Gambia . VFL 2019 aims to strengthen the inclusion and collaboration between at risk people, civil society and governments in the design and implementation of policies and practices to reduce risks and strengthen resilience . The project is been funded by the European Union (EU) and coordinated by the Global Network for Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) .

Prepared by :

Amadou Sowe 

Exposure to Lead Paint Harmful To Health YVE Executive Director

By Nelson Manneh

PaintJoe Bongay, Executive Director of Young Volunteers for the Environment (YVE), said lead in paint, poses a significant and damaging health effect on humans, especially the young and most vulnerable ones of society; that due to the harmful effects of Lead, this affects brain formation and the nervous system at a tender age of their growth, and the health effects can generally have a lifelong impact on these children. Mr. Bongay made these and other statements in a press conference held at the YVE main office in Churchill’s town.

Speaking to the press, Bongay said Lead poisoning has emerged as a global concern in 2009, when the Second Session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM2), approved a resolution on its effects and causes; that the determination mapped out and endorsed a global partnership to promote the phasing out of the use of Lead in paints.

“The World Health Organization ranks Lead as one of the top ten environmental health threats globally. Lead paint exposure causes different mental and physical impairments such as reduced IQ, learning infirmities, hypertension, seizures, muscle weakness and growth delays,” he said.

The executive director YVE added that eradicating Lead paint will meaningfully reduce the dangers of Lead exposure particularly to the most vulnerable, and thus reduce the risk of human health due to Lead in The Gambia. Despite the hazardous effects of lead poisoning, Mr. Bongay said only 36 percent of countries have legally banned the use of Lead paint according to the 2016 UNEP gathering; that this suggests that improvement needs to be done in order to achieve the target on time. “We are working with other partners to ensure that the issue of Lead paint, becomes a thing of the past. It is targeted globally that by 2020, all countries will adopt Lead control measures,” he said.

The goal of IPEN’s Global Lead Paint Elimination Project according to Mr. Bongay, is to end the manufacture, sale and use of Lead paint in countries with a priority focus on decorative paints and other coats likely to cause Lead exposure in children.

Ejatou Jaiteh, the Communications Officer YVE, said they have gone through several tests on Lead paints to know the numerous effects it causes to society.

“As far as the environment is concerned, our priority is to make sure that society is free from harmful substances,” she said.

Jaiteh said they have already conducted tests and will make sure that the results reach every individual.

6th Annual General Meeting 2017 – YVE The Gambia

Young Volunteers for the Environment held their 6th Annual General Meeting today (5 August 2017) at SYDO head office in Kanifing. This occasion was graced by the Board, staff, and members of the organization, the media and colleagues to assess the 2016 activities and financial reports of the organization and address the challenges of the organization for a better work-plan and output. Both financial and activity reports were adopted by the General Assembly. in addition to that, recommendations were given by the GA as to the development of the organization in terms of projects planing and implementation, visibility, governance, finance, etc. Congratulations to the whole organization. We are proud of our Board and all of our members.
Change is a process and with the continuous support of the entire team and interested members we will take YVE-The Gambia to the next level and the achievement of the SDGs will be possible.


Report by: Ejatou Jaiteh

Communications and Volunteer Officer

World Wide View on Climate and Energy Citizen Consultation-Saturday 6th June

On June 6th 2015, thousands of citizens in hundreds of countries around the world will take part in a transnational event: “World Wide Views on Climate and Energy”. World Wide Views on Climate and Energy is a global citizen consultation, providing unique information about citizens’ views on climate change, generally and in terms of how it has impacted them and what changes they would like to see.

Young Volunteers for the Environment Gambia is hosting “World Wide Views on Climate and Energy: Citizen Consultation” for the Gambia on Saturday June the 6th in Gambia College Hall.
On this day, 100 citizens (selected to reflect the demographic diversity in the Gambia) will attend the daylong meeting. All citizens will receive information about pros, cons and views on different climate and energy policies, targets and measures (both in advance and on that day) and the meeting will follow the same agenda and guidelines as meetings across the world in order to make the results comparable.

The objective of the event is to increase environmental awareness and to influence policy, bringing about environmental change. The national results will be presented to national policy-makers and a follow up and a dissemination process will be followed through media and consultation forums amongst others.
The global results will be presented at COP21and COP pre-meetings and the presentation of these results at PreCOP in June in Bonn, at the September Event, and at the October Session.

YVE to mark world coastal cleanup day

YVE Logo 2Young Volunteers for the Environment (YVE-The Gambia) announces Saturday it will observe World Coastal Cleanup Day 2014, from September 25-28 with an environment forum, tree planting, street and beach cleansing exercises in the West Coast Region, WCR.

World Coastal Cleanup Day is dedicated to the improvement of beaches, coastal regions and surrounding areas throughout the world. It is regarded the largest volunteer event in the world.

On September 20, YVE Gambia said it is collaborating with the Social & Environmental Society (SES) Club of the Gambia College to hold a four-day Cleanup Week as part of its activities marking the Day.

The theme for the cleanup week is: ‘Our Place… Our Planet… Our Responsibility’ Continue reading “YVE to mark world coastal cleanup day”