Young Volunteers for the Environment –YVE The Gambia had hosted, coordinated and implemented  series of local, international and national funded projects in The Gambia which some won international awards . Our projects have helped to create a self-sustaining model for environment and community development that can be replicated in other African communities. List of few projects we  have managed and implemented among others:    

========================================================================= Clean Energy for Africa (CLENA)

Clean Energy for Africa (CLENA) is a project which was implemented to promote sustainable solutions to energy production and utilization, focusing on biomass and solar lamps in particular. The project helped  to strengthen the administrative and organizational capacity of local branches, community organizations and schools making them able to produce policy alternatives, mobilize and engage people through media and demonstrations, and most importantly facilitate participation from local communities in decision-making with regards to national energy policy. The project was implemented for the period 2012-2016; CLENA

has positioned YVE as a key actor in the field of Energy /Climate in The Gambia. It targeted local communities, policy makers and youth.YVE shall continue facilitating and engaging beneficiaries in the future in an inter- community energy planning process serving as a tool to further strengthen their local energy situation, upscale and exchange best successful practices in their various local regions to protect forests and sustain themselves.


›Primary target group(s) for the project:

-Local communities

– secondarily decision-makers


Funding Partners

Friends of the Earth Norway (NNV)


World Wide Views on Climate & Energy (WWViews)

›World Wide Views on Climate and Energy (WWViews on Climate and Energy)  is a global citizen consultation Project , providing unique information about how far citizens around the world are willing to go, in order to deal with climate change and to bring forward an energy transition. In the Gambia ,  Young Volunteers for the Environment serves as the Focal Point and Partner to the implementation of this project . Through this project , the organisation was able to engage country wide  Citizens to  express their views on an identical set of

questions, designed to reflect policy controversies at the COP negotiations and political discussions about climate and energy in general ahead of the [aris agreement of the COP 21. The results was published in real-time via a web-tool, allowing for easy exploration and comparisons of results; one country with another, developed countries with developing, etc.



› The World Wide Views 2015 on Climate and Energy is co-initiated by the:

-United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) secretariat

-The French National Commission for Public Debate (France)

-The Danish Board of Technology Foundation (Denmark) and

-The Missions Publiques (France)

-With funding support of the French Government, COP21 host.


Action/2015 Campaign

›The Action /2015  Campaign project was hosted and implemented in The Gambia by Young Volunteers for the Environment -The Gambia Organization towards the  2015 year of two United Nations summits ,  One in September 2015 in New York that agreed on new goals- a new framework for humanity – to tackle poverty, inequality and environmental destruction. The other, in December 2015 in Paris, that  set new climate action targets, serving as a  crucial step towards a safer planet.

›Action/2015 is a global movement calling for pivotal


change in 2015 for the future our people and the planet.

Our Campaign programs and activities achieved the following Objectives :

  • ›Informed the public about their positions and mechanisms that promote equality, poverty eradication and the fight on climate change and the institutions promoting these laws and process.
  • ›Build the capacity , Increase and strengthen the network of individuals, organizations and institutions  among others who campaign Action/2015
  • › Contributed towards policy changes and debates
  • ›Increased demand for partnership from other organizations and membership by people to become ambassadors of the Action/2015 Campaign in their respective region.
  • ›Promoted respect for others, tolerance, positive attitude to diversity in society
  • ›Promotd equity and social justice at local and national levels

Project Sponsors

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Project Partners

CIVICUS International



SPARE project is piloted by Young Volunteers for the Environment in its  school clubs  and based on SPARE modules, teachers are trained for deepened knowledge to be passed to the students.. Effectively SPARE modules are performed into the school’s curriculum and basic knowledge built beside students are also remarkable. More practical knowledge are introduced on renewable energy for enhancing their knowledge on the construction and use of alternative energy . Comprehensive and clear understanding of energy in all aspects are demonstrated by the students and the community. Advocacy on alternatives energy are developed by students with publication of student energy journal.





Funding Partners

Friends of the Earth Norway (NNV)