YVE – Secretariat

The YVE -The Gambia secretariat serves as a “support office” to YVE membership and reports to the Board. The Secretariat is registered in The Gambia and currently has 4 staff and 12 local branches/clubs.

The main responsibility of the Secretariat is to support the development, coordination and implementation of YVE strategic action plan as defined by the  Board and the broader General Assembly members. This involves the development of internal institutional and operational capacities, including effective internal management functions and procedures (e.g. human resources; administration; finance and accounting; fundraising; membership support; operations; communications and reporting; policy and advocacy), together with the mobilisation of adequate human and financial resources.

Over the course of the next few years, as the YVE membership gradually grows and extends its outreach, together with the development of strategic partnerships with other development organisations, it is envisaged that the institutional and operational capacities of the YVE Secretariat will be gradually be upgraded and enhanced to accommodate the increased demands, whilst maintaining essential administrative, financial, communications, and coordination functions to the broader membership and communities.We will continue to support  to support and facilitate the development of Sustainable Green School and  Community Initiatives for strategic communities in diverse regions across the country.