Who we are

Young Volunteers for the Environment- The Gambia (YVE)  is a registered youth led, non-profit organization that predominantly advocates for environmental sustainability in the scope of access to basic energy, water and sanitation services; waste management;  cultural biodiversity and Eco-conscience; climate change; natural resource management and sustainable development. YVE-The Gambia was established as a result of the common passion and goal for the protection & preservation of our environment, its natural resources and nature in general by interest group of young people after the concluded meeting of the African Ministerial Conference on Water (AMCOW) at Paradise Suite Hotel together with the JVE International Director (Mr. Sena Alouka) in November 2011.  YVE had its first Constitutional General Assembly on 30th December 2011 after numerous meetings by the formation committee and group of young volunteers. After laying its leadership structure, bylaws and operational procedures, it was legally registered as a charitable organization on the 7th of March, 2012 with INCORPORATION NUMBER # 92/2012 through the Attorney General Chambers of The Gambia.

YVE is a membership organisation that comprises volunteers from different walks of life and as well as   student members from schools and local communities  where we have YVE clubs and branches .  The organisation is overseen by a Board of Directors from government institutions and NGOs who are elected every two years. The office and programs is daily managed by an Executive staff headed by an Executive Director.

The organization   involve youth (and marginalised groups) in the sustainable development process and promote social justice for all”. In order to achieve that goal, YVE with its parent body (Jeunes Volontaires Pour l’Environnement-International) has set up 4 extensive programs that include:

  • Environmental education
  • Social justice and economic, social and cultural rights
  • Youth empowerment and volunteering
  • Access to natural resources and biodiversity conservation
  • Sustainable development (renewable energy, recycling, participation)

The organization is strictly not for profit, non-political and not affiliated to any religion. Its core values include sustainability, justice, transparency, gender equity, intra-intergenerational equity, human rights, youth participation and ecological integrity.

YVE plays an active role in the progress of civil society organizations through the protection of biodiversity and the actualization of sustainable development principles and set of gaols. YVE works with different stakeholders in the government, NGOs and local communities in order to promote joint work in realizing a sustainable future.Besides environmental sustainability our work also extends to human rights, poverty eradication, and youth empowerment.