YVE Gambia pays a courtesy call to the National Coordinator of GEF

On the 22nd August 2019, the Young
Volunteers for the Environment(YVE Gambia) have a meeting with the National Coordinator of GEF at his office in kotu. The main purpose of the meeting was to familiarize YVE to him, and also to form a possible partnership between GEF and YVE in availing the organization to benefit from the GEF grant and membership.

Upon arriving, the National Coordinator of GEF Kebba Bojang gives YVE a warm welcoming remarks and this was followed by an individual introduction of YVE members. Joe Bongay, the Executive director of Young Volunteers for the Environment make a brief introduction of the organization to him, it’s mission, vision, objectives, focus areas, and how the organisation works. During his discussions, he told the National Coordinator of GEF that, YVE wants to establish a partnership relationship with his institution and will want to work with him in all areas especially went it comes to Environmental related issues such as climate change, Biodiversity Conservation, Energy, Chemicals among others through Advocacy, Research and Development and Policy influencing making.

Kabba Bojang, the National Coordinator of GEF welcome the ideas and thanks YVE members for such actions taken by them. He went further to tell us some of the activities his organization is engaged on such as Environmental related issues like climate change Biodiversity etc. During his discussion, he told us that, one of their objectives is to work with Youths organisation and it will be great to have YVE to become a member of the GEF family.

Joe Bongay the Executive director of YVE Gambia, concluded by thanking the National Coordinator of GEF for availing us the opportunity to have a such discussions with him.20190822_122337

Photo credit: Amadou Sowe/yve/220819/GEFOFFICE/kotu

Both institutions are looking forward to a fruitful working relationship and strengthening the CSO engagement in responding to the intervention areas in the Gambia.

Reported by

Amadou sowe program Assistant Officer YVE Gambia.


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