World Wide View on Climate and Energy Citizen Consultation-Saturday 6th June

On June 6th 2015, thousands of citizens in hundreds of countries around the world will take part in a transnational event: “World Wide Views on Climate and Energy”. World Wide Views on Climate and Energy is a global citizen consultation, providing unique information about citizens’ views on climate change, generally and in terms of how it has impacted them and what changes they would like to see.

Young Volunteers for the Environment Gambia is hosting “World Wide Views on Climate and Energy: Citizen Consultation” for the Gambia on Saturday June the 6th in Gambia College Hall.
On this day, 100 citizens (selected to reflect the demographic diversity in the Gambia) will attend the daylong meeting. All citizens will receive information about pros, cons and views on different climate and energy policies, targets and measures (both in advance and on that day) and the meeting will follow the same agenda and guidelines as meetings across the world in order to make the results comparable.

The objective of the event is to increase environmental awareness and to influence policy, bringing about environmental change. The national results will be presented to national policy-makers and a follow up and a dissemination process will be followed through media and consultation forums amongst others.
The global results will be presented at COP21and COP pre-meetings and the presentation of these results at PreCOP in June in Bonn, at the September Event, and at the October Session.

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